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Giuliani Lashes Back: 'The President Is Not an Idiot'

Giuliani Lashes Back: 'The President Is Not an Idiot'

President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani lashed back at claims the Michael Cohen audio aired on CNN was damning for the president, saying cash was not used in an alleged pre-election payoff for the rights to a National Enquirer story and "the president is not an idiot."

"There's no way the president is going to be talking about setting up a corporation and then using cash – unless you are complete idiot, and the president is not an idiot," Giuliani told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on "The Ingraham Angle."

The story in question reportedly included allegations made during the 2016 president campaign by former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal, who claimed to have had an extramartial affair with Trump.

The audio, released by Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis, is purportedly a pre-election exchange between then-candidate Trump and his personal attorney at the time, Cohen.

"The major point is it's outrageous that someone would tape his client – surreptitiously," Giuliani told Ingraham.

As for the question on why Giuliani would waive President Trump's attorney-client privilege the "leaked" audio, the former New York City Mayor, now-presidential attorney said: "We had to correct the record."

"We have no problem making this limited release because it is corroborative of the president's statement," Giuliani added. ". . . There is no indication of a crime being committed on this tape.

". . . This is at most an attempt to do something. I don't know of any attempt to this category of crime they are looking at. I don't think anyone can suggest this represents anything where the president did anything wrong. That's the reason why we waved it."

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz was also on Ingraham's program Tuesday night, adding after Giuliani's appearance: "Based on everything I've seen so far, I don't see a campaign finance violation."

Published at Wed, 25 Jul 2018 03:44:26 +0000