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GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Says He’s Running for Speaker Because Congress Has Failed to Do Its Job

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Says He’s Running for Speaker Because Congress Has Failed to Do Its Job

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan said he’s running for House speaker on “Fox & Friends” Friday because Congress has failed to deliver on its promises to the American people.

Jordan, who announced his run for speaker Thursday, praised President Donald Trump and the White House for pushing a conservative agenda, but said aside from passing tax cuts, Congress hasn’t done enough to aid the president.


“In the last year and a half under President Trump, regulations are down, taxes are down. The economy is up. … Unemployment’s at lowest, it’s lowest in 20 years. Gorsuch is on court. Kavanaugh on deck. We’re out of the crazy Iran deal. The embassy’s in Jerusalem, and the hostages have come back from North Korea” Jordan said.

“An amazing year and a half.  But think about Congress. What has Congress done? We’ve certainly helped with the taxes. But all those other things we told the American people we would accomplish we haven’t,” he continued.

Jordan said House Republicans promised to repeal Obamacare, reform welfare, and strengthen the borders while controlling spending, and they have failed at every turn.

“Repeal Obamacare, reform welfare, build the border security wall and fix our immigration system, and control spending—we haven’t done that,” he said.

“So I think this is simple. I always say this. We make the job of being a member of Congress way too difficult. It’s really basic. What did you tell the voters you were going to do? Let’s do that. And we haven’t done enough of that. We need to do more of that and help President Trump make America great again and do the things that we said,” Jordan said.

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Published at Fri, 27 Jul 2018 22:27:15 +0000