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NYT: NY Gov. Cuomo Relishing Fight With NRA

NYT: NY Gov. Cuomo Relishing Fight With NRA

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has pushed back against the NRA for years and is now in the organization's crosshairs — a position he is happy to be in, according to a new analysis.

The New York Times published a lengthy piece discussing Cuomo's battle with the NRA, which has taken on new life as he tries to ban the gun rights organization's Carry Guard insurance program in New York and across the nation. Cuomo is a potential Democratic candidate for president in 2020.

The NRA is fighting back against Cuomo, who it says has cost it millions of dollars over the years because of his beef with the NRA.

"It's not just what the governor did 20 years ago when he was at Housing and Urban Development," NRA lawyer William Brewer III told the Times. "He continues to harbor great animus toward the NRA.

"For him to pretend that this is not politically motivated by his anti-NRA agita, we just don't believe it."

Cuomo was secretary of Housing and Urban Development during former President Bill Clinton's second term. In 2000, he worked on a deal that would have forced gun maker Smith & Wesson to include additional safety features in its firearms. Cuomo said other gun manufacturers were going to abide by those rules as well, but the NRA came in and chopped up the agreement.

Cuomo later worked on and signed the SAFE Act in 2013, which put in place new firearms regulations in New York.

Now facing public pushback from the NRA as he lobbies against the Carry Guard insurance program, Cuomo seems to be using the feud as political fuel.

Cuomo published a piece on Medium this week that asked President Donald Trump to stand up to the NRA and ask that it end the Carry Guard insurance program, which offers gun owners liability insurance for use if they discharge their firearms for self-defense.

The NRA filed a lawsuit against Cuomo and the New York State Department of Financial Services in May, saying they are conducting a "blacklisting campaign" to coerce businesses into cutting ties with the NRA.

Many Democrats are embracing the gun control debate during this midterm elections season in the wake of several high-profile mass shootings.

Published at Fri, 10 Aug 2018 02:42:43 +0000