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Thousands attend Jersey Shore boat parade to support cops, President Trump

Thousands attend Jersey Shore boat parade to support cops, President Trump

It was anchors aweigh at the Jersey Shore Saturday as thousands of boaters took to sea in support of law enforcement and President Trump.

An estimated 2,000 watercraft joined “The Trump Law and Order Parade” as it set off from Toms River under a bright blue sky, most of them decked out in patriotic flags and banners — and bagpipers in some cases.

“It was awesome,” organizer Chris Molla told The Post. “I’m on cloud nine right now.”

One speedboat carried seven flags that proclaimed “Police Lives Matter” and “Trump 2020: Keep America Great” as they whipped in the stiff salt breeze on Barnegat Bay.

Others — ranging in size from jet skis to cabin cruisers — flew American flags and “thin blue line” banners to honor fallen police officers.

Landlubbers waving Old Glory from a pier over the bay cheered the spectacle as hundreds of boats passed beneath the Henderson Memorial Bridge in Manahawkin.

“A beautiful time in the great America,” said spectator Bonni Hurley from her perch on the span. “There were white, black, Hispanic … all singing, smiling, laughing. It was such a great feeling.”

The Jersey Shore flotilla was one of many Saturday, as Trump supporters in 23 states took to local waterways to boost the president.

“The purpose was to send a message to law enforcement and the military, to show the boys in blue we’re here and we support you,” Molla said. “And the president supports them, so it goes hand in hand.”

Boat parades have become a favorite way for Trump fans to flaunt their MAGA swag and show support for the president as he seeks reelection. Flotillas have taken to New York’s waters — including in Long Island and around the Statue of Liberty — in recent weeks.

An Aug. 19 procession that set off from Florida’s Clearwater Beach with nearly 1,200 registered watercraft is being examined by Guinness World Records as a potential record-breaker, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

“I just wish I had time — I’d get on one of those boats, and I’d be carrying a flag also,” Trump said at the time.

Additional reporting by J.C. Rice

Published at Sat, 05 Sep 2020 21:55:10 +0000