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The Stunning Transformation Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Stunning Transformation Of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is arguably one of the most famous up-and-coming politicians out there. But before she landed on Capitol Hill, she was living a pretty normal life. Here’s how this Bronx native went from science geek, to AOC, and why she’s not stopping now.

29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t just represent New York City in Congress.

It turns out AOC’s a native of the Bronx, with deep roots in the community. She told Vogue,

“My aunt and my uncle were just talking last Christmas about how they literally heard Malcolm X evangelizing on street corners. That is the institutional memory of my family and multigenerational New York families.”

The New York City that AOC’s family first experienced was much different than it is today.

As the city has changed, it’s become less and less affordable. AOC said,

“My family is three generations deep in the Bronx. And my own mother can’t afford to live in the same city, in the same state as me anymore, because it’s gotten too expensive.”

Watch the video for more about the stunning transformation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

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Getting that good education | 2:14
Her first academic love | 3:11
Knockout undergrad | 3:51
The untimely death of her father | 4:33
Her tipping point | 5:47
NHI’s Person of the Year | 6:41
The night that changed everything | 7:47
The youngest woman elected to Congress | 8:45
She’s ok with being “radical” | 9:42
Her low-profile romance | 10:26
Eyes on the future | 11:14