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An old veteran explains why the flag should be planted

An old veteran explains why the flag should be planted

I am 64 years old. I am a veteran. 

I have been working from home these last five months…reading, watching, and listening to everything I can…but when I see all the bias, the flatout lies, and the endless deception in the mainstream media and so many other sources…I feel like I have to do something…that “we” have to do something. 

I was reminded on this past anniversary of 9/11 of how we as a nation came together after that horrific day. Specifically how we as a nation were all on the same page…the values and truths our country and flag stood for were unquestioned and understood by all. I remember all the American flags that went up…everywhere. In windows, on houses, in yards, on almost every passing vehicle. How neighbor talked to neighbor, stranger talked to stranger…the unity and the love for our country I have never felt stronger.

Years ago, I worked for a company with over 200 people…a call center.

I had always displayed an American flag on the top of my cubicle wall, and one day I was approached by a boss and told I had to take it down. Someone had complained. The cancel culture we see now came earlier than supposed.

I was told I could still display it, but I had to put it on my desk, behind the wall…hidden from all who might see.

I refused, and that night I took home all my personal photos and things I had displayed on my desk, and the next day I brought back two boxes full of items to replace them with.

In those boxes I had my ribbons and insignia from my time in the U.S. Army. I had pictures of the gravesites in France with all the crosses on all the graves. There was a picture of the Statue of Liberty with a chain and lock wrapped around her face and mouth and a warning about how freedom is never free. I had a photo of my great grandfather from World War I with his rifle, his grandson, and a huge American flag. My boss approached me and asked if I was trying to start trouble. I smiled, said no, and proceeded to put up 20 items or more…and that flag never moved.

I tell you this so that I can tell you “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey liked to say.

They never did push the issue and that flag stayed up every single day that I worked for that company. But the best part of the story is what happened next.

As word got around the floor about what had happened, a wonderful thing took place. An American flag went up on another wall…and then another…and then another. After a few days there were flags everywhere. It was not a planned event…it was just heartfelt love for our country and our shared values…displayed proudly for all to see, by all who cared.

Which brings me to what I would suggest everyone do…

For lack of a better name I call it simply, “Plant a flag, watch it grow.” This is not a flag day thing, this is not a Veterans Day thing…this is a “from this day forward, everyday type of thing.”

Put one up in the window of your home. Display one on the side of your house or on a pole in your yard. Display it on your vehicles. Display it proudly at work for all to see. Our country was founded on a loving God and His holy word and all of that demands we do our part or we risk losing it all. A flag is symbolic, yes, but it may set the stage for changing this negative culture I described above. Before election day…and after…my hope and prayer is that you will stand with me…plant a flag, plant five. Wouldn’t it be a wonderous thing to walk outside and see hundreds of flags…on every corner, in every home, in every town and city…supporting this nation that God has so graciously blessed?

Danny Ray Berg is a patriot, a Christian, and a hopeless romantic. “I believe we can make a difference but we must stand united and we must be heard!” 

Images credit: Danny Ray Berg

Published at Sun, 20 Sep 2020 05:00:00 +0000