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CNN En Español: NYP Hunter Biden Bombshell Is ‘Slanderous’, Has ‘Little Credibility’

CNN En Español: NYP Hunter Biden Bombshell Is ‘Slanderous’, Has ‘Little Credibility’

It took a week, but CNN En Español finally reported on the explosive information obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which first broke via the New York Post. Unlike their counterparts on Spanish-language network TV, though, CNNEE went to great lengths to discredit and dismiss the story.

Here’s how Directo USA anchor Juan Carlos López closed out his lengthy report on the Biden laptop: by dismissing the story as slanderous and having “little credibility”:

LOPEZ: The crime would be to report slanderous information. The crime would be to not do our jobs. President Trump can be upset, he can be outraged, but if the information is not verifiable it cannot be published. There is a debate over freedom of expression, and those who consider that they can say whatever they want and they can say it. But we, as a media outlet, only report and publish the information we verify- to not do so would be irresponsible. For that reason,regardless of  many attacks may come from the president, that information remains suspicious and has little credibility.

It wasn’t that long ago that Directo USA was respected as a serious news outlet- even, and perhaps grudgingly so, by Hispanic conservatives. But that was then. CNN En Español now clearly suffers from the same Trump Derangement Syndrome that has enveloped and consumed the rest of the Cable News Network. 

López goes to great lengths to attempt to discredit the NYP bombshell by claiming that it was “slanderous” and “unverified”, with multiple insinuations of the Hunter story being little more than a Russian-style hoax. In setting up video of President Trump calling the Bidens “criminals”, López insinuates:

Within these materials there is an email that shows that Hunter Biden, according to this version (of events), introduced one of his partners at the Ukrainian firm to Vice President Biden at the White House, or on White House grounds. Upon reviewing the documents, the Biden campaign states that the date does not match and that the email lacks key information such as a date, origin, and it is also known that many of these documents were created in Eastern Europe, the documents that were handed over and on that computer. There is a great deal of suspicion. 

Yes, it is shocking that an email thread to an Eastern European might contain emails originated in Eastern Europe. In some circles, these are known as replies. Perhaps CNNEE can do an investigative report on that.

What’s worse, López went so far as to justify Facebook and Twitter’s censorship of the story:

Doubts over the veracity of the material have led to their diffusion being limited by Facebook and Twitter, although Twitter has since modified their position.

CNNEE didn’t exercise that same level of editorial discretion when reporting a string of unverified stories regarding President Trump, including, among others:

-The rumored Puerto Rico-Greenland swap 

-Trump’s Taxes

-The “suckers and losers” smear of the fallen at Belleau Wood

There is great doubt over the veracity and verifiability of that material, but there were no such constraints at CNN En Español because Orange Man Bad. López’ laughably one-sided reporting on the contents of the Biden laptop, despite a steady stream of corroborative accounts, is something we’d expect- to be frank, from his Anglophone counterparts, and is further proof of CNN’s pathetic slide into the Trump Derangement abyss.

Published at Thu, 22 Oct 2020 18:43:00 +0000