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AI-powered computer says Donald Trump won the debate

AI-powered computer says Donald Trump won the debate

An AI-powered computer analysis of the final 2020 presidential debate scored President Trump with the strongest performance on five out of seven topics.

The analysis by VoiceVibes, a communication coaching software, graded the performance of Mr. Trump and Democratic challenger Joseph R. Biden at Thursday’s debate based on vocal delivery or how professional and polished they sounded.

Mr. Trump outscored Mr. Biden on the discussion of climate change, race in America, leadership, national security and health care.

Mr. Biden scored highest on COVID-19 and immigration, according to the software.

The winners for each topic were determined based on the vocal analysis of confidence and authenticity.

Overall, Mr. Trump’s best topic was health care and Mr. Biden’s was immigration.

“Keep in mind that our software does not attempt to evaluate the content or merit of their statements or politics, rather the persuasiveness of their tone and vocal delivery,” said Debra Cancro, CEO of VoiceVibes.

The software was developed by former employees of AT&T Bell Laboratories and JHU Applied Physics Lab, according to the company.

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Published at Fri, 23 Oct 2020 13:10:53 +0000