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Joe diGenova to Newsmax TV: NY Times Embellished Miles Taylor

Joe diGenova to Newsmax TV: NY Times Embellished Miles Taylor

The New York Times labeling the “Anonymous” op-ed – now revealed to be Miles Taylor – as a senior Trump administration official was an egregious embellishment, according to former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova on Newsmax TV.

“The New York Times putting it that way,” diGenova told Wednesday’s “Stinchfield” in disgust, “and his name is Miles Taylor.

“He looks and sounds like a dying novel name of a crummy spy.”

Taylor, who President Donald Trump scoffed as a “nobody,” is now a contributor for CNN, but he also now has revealed himself to having lied to CNN host Anderson Cooper, who asked if Taylor if he was the notorious “Anonymous” author of the anti-Trump op-ed.

His behavior leaves questions for CNN. Asked directly in August whether he was “Anonymous,” he answered: “I wear a mask for two things, Anderson, Halloween and pandemics. So, no.”

Josh Campbell, a national security correspondent for CNN, tweeted he had also asked Taylor if he was “Anonymous” and was told no. CNN said Taylor would remain a contributor.

At a campaign rally in Goodyear, Arizona, on Wednesday, President Donald Trump mocked Taylor – without mentioning him by name – for his ties to Google and being hired at CNN and working with “the fake news New York Times.”

“Anonymous was a nobody, a disgruntled employee who was quickly removed from his job a long time ago for – they tell me – incompetence,” Trump told his rally. “I don’t know what for, but they tell me incompetence.

“You know where he works now? He works at CNN. Can you believe it? He works at CNN.”

During the Newsmax TV interview, diGenova also called out the Philadelphia City Council and Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney who defunded their police, leaving them short on tasers, which could have been used by the police instead of shooting dead a knife-wielding Black man.

“The Philadelphia City Council and the mayor defunding the police $14 million recently, so they didn’t have enough money to buy tasers,” diGenova said. “So the police – in that confrontation with that individual who was shot and killed – did not have tasers available to use instead of a gun.”

Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Published at Thu, 29 Oct 2020 01:38:32 +0000