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Fox News Poll: Likely Voters Fearing Virus Over Economy

Fox News Poll: Likely Voters Fearing Virus Over Economy

Likely voters are more concerned about limiting the spread of the coronavirus (61%) than worrying about the economy (36%), according to Sunday’s latest Fox News poll, numbers that appear to favor the election of Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

“The pandemic has complicated the president’s plan to run for reelection on the economy,” Fox News’ Republican pollster Daron Shaw said. “COVID-19 is the dominant issue for voters and they think Biden would do a better job.”

The 25-point margin is buoyed by Biden being a 16-point favorite on the handling of the global coronavirus pandemic versus Trump being just a 1-point favorite on the handling of the economy.

And it has been trending more and more toward Biden. He had just an 8-point edge on the pandemic response last month, while Trump’s edge on the economy has slipped 4 points, according to Fox News.

The coronavirus has hit the economy to the point more than 60% rate the economy negatively, despite record 33.1% growth in the third quarter. Also, just about 20% see the coronavirus as under control, according to Fox News’ likely voters.

In fact, a majority now say the pandemic is “not at all” under control, which is up from 40% in early September.

Biden has an 8-point edge on Trump in a head-to-head national poll, which is tighter than the 10-point margin Oct. 3-6, per Fox News.

Among the other notable findings:

  • 56% say Biden cares about people like them.
  • 52% say Biden is trustworthy and honest, while 45% disagree.
  • 56% say Trump lacks empathy.
  • 60% say Trump lacks honesty.
  • 68% say Trump is standing up for what he believes, while 64% say Biden does.
  • Just 40% see Biden as “corrupt,” while 56% say Trump is.

As we head into Tuesday’s presidential election, 47% of registered voters see Trump winning reelection, but that is down from 51% in September and a high of 56% in February before the release of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Fox News poll was conducted Oct. 27-29 among 1,318 registered voters and 1,246 likely voters with margins of error of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

Published at Sun, 01 Nov 2020 13:48:06 +0000