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Ohio Losing Its Bellwether Status in Picking Presidency

Ohio Losing Its Bellwether Status in Picking Presidency

Ohio has determined every U.S. presidential winner since 1960, but a potential Joe Biden victory would come despite President Donald Trump having won the state’s 18 electoral votes.

In fact, you can throw Florida off its streak, too.

Newsmax has not projected a winner of the election, because of votes still being counted, slim margins remaining in key battleground states, and legal actions are pending by the Trump campaign.

Trump has held the state of Ohio by more than 8 percentage points, which is the same margin as 2016, USA Today reported.

The Ohio run as a bellwether has spanned 14 presidential elections and began in 1964. In fact, there have been just three misses since 1900.

It still stands, though, the adage “no Republican has won the White House without Ohio,” may also continue.

In-state, Ottawa County, between Toledo and Sandusky, remains the bellwether for the state’s electoral winner. Its winner has called the state’s winner in every election since 1944. Trump won Ottawa County by about 61%.

Ohio still remains one of the top bellwethers in the U.S. Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico have also missed determining the presidential electoral college winner just three times in 1900. New Mexico missed in 2016.

As for the popular vote, New Mexico has retained the longest streak of determining the presidential edge.

Published at Sun, 08 Nov 2020 16:45:31 +0000