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Shirtless American crashes French newscast on Joe Biden’s win: ‘I love a croissant’

Shirtless American crashes French newscast on Joe Biden’s win: ‘I love a croissant’

This one’s a oui bit over-the-top.

A shirtless American man crashed a French newscast covering Joe Biden’s presidential victory and the resulting celebrations, shooting to viral fame.

A journalist for French outlet BFM TV was reporting on Biden’s election Saturday when the passerby cut in to let his love of the country be known, video of the moment shows.

“I’ve been to France, it’s beautiful,” said the unidentified man, his face masked but his chest bare, as he huddled up next to the reporter.

“I ate escargot,” he continued, trying his hand at the tongue with a comically bad accent and exaggerated, stereotypical French laughs. “I love a croissant.”

“I love an omelette du fromage,” he added before sidling back out of the shot, in a niche apparent reference to an episode of 1990s cartoon “Dexter’s Laboratory” that saw the titular boy genius attempt to learn French only to get stuck repeating the phrase for “cheese omelette.”

By Sunday morning, one early tweet of the 14-second clip had earned over 69,000 likes and been viewed over 6.7 million times.

In another culture clash, French media was stuck trying to explain to locals the nature of Gritty, the orange, meme-magnet mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers again dominating social media after the city helped tipped the scales of Pennsylvania and the presidential election.

The Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty
The Philadelphia Flyers mascot, GrittyAP

Pennsylvania-born politician and political strategist Chris Sgro on Saturday tweeted a shot of the site for French newspaper Le Monde, in which a reader asked, “C’est quoi Gritty?”

Published at Sun, 08 Nov 2020 17:09:17 +0000