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Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax TV: Dems ‘Kneecapped’ Our Election

Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax TV: Dems ‘Kneecapped’ Our Election

Once the contested presidential election gets to Congress — and “it will,” according to Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., on Newsmax TV — Democrats have no one but themselves to blame, he said.

“It’s getting to be pretty clear that this election has more voter fraud than any presidential election in the history of the United States of America, and, quite frankly, it’s by design on the part of the Democrats,” Brooks told Thursday’s “Stinchfield.” “They have created these huge weaknesses that have made it so easy for them to steal votes.”

Democrats have created these problems under Obama administration legislation, Brooks told host Grant Stinchfield.

“For example, 4,000 illegal aliens voting in Nevada that we have identified so far, that’s in part because the Democrats crammed through legislation — when they were in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House — that makes it illegal for voter registrars to seek citizenship information from illegal aliens or other non-citizens that would prohibit them from getting the voter registration card they desire — which, in turn, would prohibit them from voting on Election Day,” Brooks said.

The Democrat-pushed legislation “kneecapped” voter registration law, according to Brooks.

“Democrats have created a huge loophole by, in effect, kneecapping our voter registrars,” he said. “So that if an illegal alien or any other kind of non-citizen comes into a voter registrars’ office and demands to be registered as a voter, the voter registrars have no choice but to give it, because they’re denied the information that can confirm that these individuals are non-citizens.”

While the courts “have a role to play,” Brooks continued, “they are not the final decision-maker” in an election dispute.

The U.S. Constitution’s Article I, Section V, Article II of the 12th Amendment, Brooks cited, the Congress has “total domain over all election disputes for House, Senate, and the president.”

“Just so that everybody’s clear: It will get to Congress,” Brooks said. “No vote from any state in the electoral college is official until it is submitted by that state to the United States Congress.

“That’s in our ballpark, and whatever we decide governs, no matter whatever the federal courts have to say,” he added.

Brooks admitted a Constitution “legal issue” will come into play with the House majority being held by Democrats, but under the presidential election in the Constitution, the House delegation by state rule, not the House majority.

The 435-member House has a Democrat majority overall (it takes 218 for a majority), but Republicans have control of more state delegations.

“Right now, Republicans have 27 states,” with just 26 needed for a majority, Brooks noted after last month’s elections.

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Published at Fri, 04 Dec 2020 02:09:22 +0000